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Skipper Barrier Products

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  • Results 1-2 of 2

Skipper Barrier Products

Skipper Barrier Systems provide quick and easy traffic and safety solutions. It provides you with an effective barricade which is effective immediately and easy to store when not in use. Skipper™ Barrier Systems give you all the effect of a barrier fence with none of the hassle.

The Skipper Barrier System’s 9 metre retractable tape provides you with a traffic and people barrier by simply attaching them to items such as traffic cones and PVC bollards which are common in areas such as: •

  • Construction sites
  • Production areas
  • Groundskeeper areas
  • Warehouses
  • Facilities Management Companies

All you need to do to use the Skipper™ Barrier System is to place the access barrier on top of a traffic cone or a Skipper Cone. For a more permanent solution the Skipper™ Barrier can be screwed onto the cone. You can easily use the Skipper™ Barrier System and Skipper™ Wall Mount to block doorways, close aisles, and safely close dangerous areas whenever you need to.

The highly visible tape ensures people and can see the barricade when it’s in operation. It’s constructed from polypropylene with a glass filled nylon which means you will get a lightweight, extremely durable product which will last through all types of conditions. The Skipper Barrier System can be easily stored anywhere, and can be quickly set-up whenever there is a need for it. Its durability makes it a cost effective addition to your and business, meaning you never have to purchase and discard barrier tape again. The Skipper™ range has a product for any company, whether you are in the tough conditions of a winter construction site or simply barricading a closed an aisle in a bank.

The Skipper™ Retractable Tape Unit comes with a 1 year guarantee. Guidelines are provided so assist in prolonging the life of your unit for example pulling tape horizontally and not on an angle with prolong usage.

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