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EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit

€33.99 - €46.55 Ex Vat

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The EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit is simple to use and can be used immediately once flattened out. It’s ideal for filling in potholes permanently and can be done in minutes. There is no prep work required, just pour the asphalt into the pothole and flatten it out. It can be used in any weather conditions for instant benefits.
    • Ready to use
    • New polymer technology
    • Permanent repair
    • Instantly ready for traffic
    • No mixing required
    • Commercial or residential uses: Driveways, Car Parks, Public Roads

Buy 2 tubs online and get free nationwide delivery.

Note: In hot weather it may take longer for EZ Street to set (>20°)

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EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit €33.99 - €46.55 Ex Vat
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"I was very surprised with how simple EZ Street was to use - we are delighted with the results!"
Brian, W39 Services, Dublin.

The EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit is not only simple to use, but also gives you a permanent solution thanks to the polymer design. It’s economical compared to the cost of tarmac repairs done by professionals, giving you the exactly same result. It can be used in all weather, and if the pothole is full of water simple pour the pothole repair kit over it as it will displace the water.  Only one person is needed for the pothole repair, all you need to do is pour the tarmac into the hole and flatten it with the tamper compression tool or any other flattening device.

    • Can be used in all weather conditions
    • You do not have to wait for the pothole repair kit to settle, and traffic can drive over it instantly
    • Saves you the cost of tarmac and a professional team to re-lay  the road surface

The pothole repair kits have been used throughout Ireland and are excellent for road maintenance, letting you quickly and permanently fill potholes. It’s instantly ready for use; with no mixing required meaning you can fix potholes almost instantly. The 25kg tubs are ideal for personal use, letting you tarmac driveways easily. 1 pothole repair kit tub fills ½ sq. metre (based on 25mm depth). If you’re not sure whether a 22kg EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit is big enough, use Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment’s calculator by clicking here enter the dimensions of the pothole.

The EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit gives you everything you everything you need for tarmac and concrete repair maintenance. Potholes are littered throughout Irish roads and driveways, and Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment now offer you the simplest solution. The Street Pothole Repair Kit will last at least one year in a sealed tub.

What tools are required?

One person, a shovel, maybe a broom, perhaps some gloves and a forged tamper or other item that will help you compress the asphalt.


Can I seal over EZ Street Cold Asphalt, and, if so, how long do I have to wait to do the sealing?

Generally, our customer consensus is: provider you use a high quality sealer, and wait a minimum of 30 days prior to sealing, you can seal over EZ Street Cold Asphalt.


What is EZ Street Cold Asphalt made of?

The highest quality ingredients, consisting of a refined gradation of rock and sand, and a proprietary polymer formulation (the secret ingredients!)


Should I clean the pothole out before I fill it in with EZ Street colds asphalt?

Just try to get as much of the lose debris from the hole – the better you clean it, the better the performance.


How long will the product last in the bag?

A year, but don’t put off the project too long!


Can I use EZ Street cold asphalt over concrete?

Yes, it will stick to concrete, brick, and a variety of other surfaces.


Sometimes after I patch a hole, the product appears to be “soft”. Is there something wrong with it?

Not usually. The asphalt component of EZ Street cold asphalt is a viscous liquid that reacts quite interestingly to changes in temperature. When it’s a scorcher of a summers day out there, and you absolutely want to patch something, and you find that after you use the product it appears “too loose” you can remedy this by sprinkling a bit of cement dust on the top of the patch.

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EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit

EZ Street Pothole Repair Kit

€33.99 - €46.55 Ex Vat

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