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Floor Tape Line Marking Machine Kit

€5.79 - €207.41 Ex Vat

Floor Tape Line Marking Machine Kit View Large Image

Easy to use line marking tape applicator

    • Saves time and effort when applying floor tape to ground
    • High mobility
    • Applies straight and consistent tape lines
    • Comes with 2 rolls of line marking tape, chalk and trimming knife
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Floor Tape Line Marking Machine Kit €5.79 - €207.41 Ex Vat
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The floor tape line marking machine kit is the ideal set for when you need to apply a large quantity of tape to a floor. Whether for a school, warehouse, sports club or factory, this kit will enable you to demarcate specific areas as needed without going to all the trouble of laying down tape by hand. What’s more, when you get the affordable floor tape line marking machine kit online, every piece of tape you lay will look as if it’s been done by a professional.

With a kit like this you don’t need to worry about worrisome skew lines, no matter how big the surface area you are working on, or annoying bubbles appearing under the tape. Once you’ve drawn out the parameters you wish to demarcate, it’s as simple as rolling the machine along the lines to lay down the tape. Simply load the machine with the tape of your choice, and change it as many times as is needed.

Each floor tape line marking machine kit includes: 

    • One tapeliner
    • Two rolls of PROliner tape
    • One trimming knife
    • A marker line as well as chalk

Everything you need to begin marking your floor out with demarcated tape lines comes in the kit, which means you can get started immediately and have a professional looking job done within a few hours at most. For more products of a similar nature be sure to browse the rest of the catalogue at Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment. Place your order for a convenient and useful floor tape line marking machine kit today.   

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