Access Forbidden Prohibition Sign

Product Code: P-792371
Access Forbidden Prohibition Sign(Product Code: P-792371)
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The Access Forbidden Prohibition Sign is ideal to help illustrate your warning message in

  • The Workplace
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

It is easy to read and understand, providing benefits from increased awareness to both workers and the general public.

This sign is available in Rigid Plastic or Self Adhesive Vinyl and in the size 150x200mm or 300x400mm.

Product Information

Options Price Quantity

Rigid Plastic (200x150mm) (792371)

ex VAT €8.01 incl VAT €9.85

Rigid Plastic (400x300mm) (792372)

ex VAT €18.71 incl VAT €23.01

Self Adhesive Vinyl (200x150mm) (792373)

ex VAT €3.79 incl VAT €4.66

Self Adhesive Vinyl (400x300mm) (792374)

ex VAT €11.64 incl VAT €14.32
Access Forbidden Prohibition Sign
Access Forbidden Prohibition Sign
Rigid Plastic (200x150mm) 9.85
Rigid Plastic (400x300mm) 23.01
Self Adhesive Vinyl (200x150mm) 4.66
Self Adhesive Vinyl (400x300mm) 14.32
4.66 to 23.01