Car Park Barriers

Car Park Barriers

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Car Park Barriers

What are Car Park Barriers used for?

Car Park Barriers are used to control access at the entrance to car parks, service yards and restricted areas. To choose the best option for your facility just consider a few factors including the space available, how often access is required and the mix of traffic in the area.

How easy is it to use manual car park barriers?

Manual car park barriers are very easy to use and can be operated by hand with ease. 

For added ease the Compact Gas Assisted Boom Barrier makes lifting the barrier boom even easier.

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Rising Boom Car Park Barriers for car parks have a pivoting arm which rises perpendicular with the ground when in the open position. It is preferable to a gate as obviously there is no swing area required at ground level. To assist the barrier rising up, there are two options: a counterweight on the opposite side of the base, or to use a gas assist cylinder as in our Autobahn  Easy Lift Access Barrier with Swing Post. The advantage of using the Easy Lift system is no space is required on the other side of the base, thus freeing up more space for vehicles.

Benefits of a rising barrier?

• Control flow of traffic into a premise

• Deny entry after standard busines hours

• Reduce risk of on-site vandalism

• Cost effective entry deterrent

How to install a rising car park barrier?

A rising car park barrier can be bolted directly into the ground. Ideally these boom gates need to be installed directly into concrete pads for best practice. The concrete pads help to provide a stronger, more solid base for the barrier.

The Access Barrier with Counterweight is a popular barrier option. Instead of a swing post the boom rests into a separate end post. This will require an extra installation for the barrier but provides a secure barrier rest for long term use.

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To also assist with pulling the barrier up into position is the GHP Manual Access Barrier. The counterweight allows the user to swing the main boom into position with great ease, while the swing post reduces the need for a receiving post to be installed on the other side, making overall installation much faster.

What other Car Park Barriers can I purchase from Pittman?

For fast delivery from stock choose the access barrier with counterweight and swing post. This car park barrier can be bolted into the ground via the main post. The barrier arm is equipped with a swing post or "pogo-stick" that swings into place once the barrier is folded down. The counterweight reduce the strain on users and helps to lower or raise the barrier with ease.

Another popular version of car park barriers are our range of  Swing Barriers. Swing Barriers act as a gate in car park and instead of rising into the air (like a boom barrier) the barrier just swings open into a locked position.  Most popular in this category is the Compact Swing Barrier Gate which has a locking support post for both the open and the closed position. Surface mounted installation makes this really easy to put in place and is ideal for schools, hotel car parks and lock-up units. For a possibly more stylish solution look at the Swivelling Gate which does not require a support post for the locked or open position. Not needing a support post means you do not necessarily need to block off all of the opening, e.g. just enough to block enough so a car would not fit through – so if you have a 4M opening, even a 3M barrier would be sufficient to block cars when closed.

Parking Barriers

Why use a swing gate?

Use a swing gate to provide better safety and safety and security for a premises. Use during normal hours or after hours where there may be no security guards available. Swing gates are a highly durable option for preventing unautgorised access.

One of the most popular options is the Autobahn Swivelling Gate. This gate can be concreted into the ground and provides an excellent means for deterrring entry. Each barrier gate is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and is protected against rusting. 

Why use swing car park barriers?

Use swing car park barriers to deter entry to a premises. These barriers help to deter unauthorised entry. They are easily opened by hand and can be swung to an open position instantly. 

The Autobahn Car Park Barrier can be installed directly to concrete. Each swing barrier is made from hot-dip galvanised steel - excellent protection agains rusting. The barrier is locked closed using a standard padlock. The highly visible reflective bands ensure the barrier is seen at all times.


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