Rising Car Park Barrier

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Rising Car Park Barrier

A Rising Car Park Barrier can help to control the flow of traffic into a private premises. Having a rising barrier in place allows a business to allow vehicles to enter when they choose. Rising barriers offer an excellent means for deterring entry after regular business hours when there may be no one on site. 

Why use a rising car park barrier?

Use a rising car park barrier provides a quick and easy means for controlling vehicle entry to a premises. The highly durable design of the rising barriers allows for a long service life on site. Use the barrier to manually allow or deny vehicles when needed.

The Autobahn Easy Lift Access Barrier with Swing Post provides an easy to use barrier system. The boom can be lifted with great ease through the additional pneumatic gas spring. Users can lift the barrier boom by hand with great ease. 

why use a rising car park barrier?

How to install a rising car park barrier?

A rising car park barrier can be bolted directly into the ground. Ideally these boom gates need to be installed directly into concrete pads for best practice. The concrete pads help to provide a stronger, more solid base for the barrier.

The Access Barrier with Counterweight is a popular barrier option. Instead of a swing post the boom rests into a separate end post. This will require an extra installation for the barrier but provides a secure barrier rest for long term use.

Benefits of a rising barrier?

  • Control flow of traffic into a premises
  • Deny entry after standard busines hours
  • Reduce risk of on-site vandalism
  • Cost effective entry deterrent

rising car park barrier