Belt Barrier

Belt Barrier

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9 Item(s)

Belt Barrier

Use a belt barrier to close off areas to pedestrians within seconds. A belt barrier can come in the form of a belt post or a wall belt barrier. Choose the belt barrier option that best suits your environment.

Why use a belt barrier?

Use a belt barrier to deter entry to pedestrians. A belt barrier provides a physical barrier that will deter pedestrians from entering into the area. The belt may have a written message in order to help with this. 

The WallMaster Belt Barrier can be bolted directly to walls and can close off a corridor in seconds. Choose from up to 13 differernt belt colours and styles. Use the belt barrier to get a clear message across to employees or customers.

How to use a belt barrier?

Use belt belt barrier in an area that you wish to restrict access to. A belt barrier can be used to deny access to customers, restrict the area to certain members of staff etc. Floor mounted belt barriers can be used create queue systems for banks, shopfronts and more. In more recent times belt barriers have been useful for social distancing in premises.

why use a belt barrier?

Control queues with a belt barrier

Use a free standing belt barrier to organise queues in a storefront. The belts can attach to each post with great ease. Organise queues in seconds and encourage correct queueing. 

If you are worried about the risk of queue jumping or children ducking under the barriers the QueueMaster Twin Belt Barrier can help. The double belt design deters customers from ducking under the barriers and helps to maintain order. 

The highly visible message on the belt barrier is sure to get the attention of the customers in the area. Use for queue systems, entry denial social distancing for premises.

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