Plastic Barriers

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12 Item(s)

Plastic Barriers

At Pittman we have a vast range of plastic barriers in stock and ready to deliver to you straight off our shelf. Our plastic barrier fencing is sure to give you what you require in terms of hard wearing, high density barriers that are perfect for many different environments, including construction sites, road works, schools, events, public areas and many more. Each barrier system in our range provides you with excellent durability while in use. Whether it is an Avalon barrier, plastic chains, chapter 8 barriers or bollards we are sure to have what you need.

What are plastic barriers used for?

Plastic barriers are used to demarcate out of bounds areas and help to prevent pedestrians from entering beyond a point.

A barrier like the JSP Alphabloc Water Filled Barrier is highly effective when put to use and it is can be deployed in a matter of seconds. These plastic barriers are  plastic water barriers can be filled with water easily and can be connected end on end with other units to expand over a larger area. The separate red and white colours allow them to meet chapter 8 requirements for work sites. 

Another excellent option for the likes of roadworks and public use is our JSP Titan Safety Barrier. These barriers are ideal for the likes of construction crews and public works where they can be stacked and stored in a van or truck.

Can I use chain with plastic barriers?

If you need chain to close off larger areas we could recommend the likes of the MegaMax Plastic Safety Barriers. These plastic barriers come with plastic posts and chain that allow you to insert through the post itself and link to other units.  These type of barriers can let you quickly deter entry to larger spaces and the bases can be filled with sand or water to ensure they are OK to use in windy conditions outdoors.

plastic barriers

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