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24 Item(s)

Queue Barrier

A queue barrier can deter pedestrian entry into an area and organise queues in public settings. Queue barriers typically use a belt or tape system to organise crowds and provide visitors with a better experience. They can also reduce the strain on front-of-house staff and boost the overall look of indoor or outdoor queue systems.

Queue barriers use a belt or tape to catch pedestrians' attention and organise them in a particular direction. Belts can be equipped with wording to give specific instructions or warnings. Custom logos and belt colours can also match company colours to create a unique business first impression.

Queue barrier benefits

Queue barriers can -

• Provide a professional finish to business settings

• Control queues for better organisation

• Provide a long-lasting, versatile queue system that can be used over and over again

queue barriers

Types of queue barriers

There are 3 main types of queue barriers - 

• Floor mounted queue posts

• Wall mounted belt barriers

• Cafe barriers

Floor-mounted queue posts are one of the most popular queue systems used in retail and public buildings. Each post has a heavy base that allows it to free-stand where needed, while the integral belt can join with other posts easily. These type of queue dividers are suitable for business premises, airports, banks, schools and more. The QueueMaster belt post is available in matte black and stainless steel post options with a wide range of standard belt colours and messaging available.

Wall-mounted queue belts do not require a standing post for use. The main queue belt unit is mounted directly to the wall instead and can close off an interior area to pedestrians quickly. These wall-mounted belts are suited in private premises or restricted access areas, such as hospitals, warehouses, factories, etc. The Wallmaster Belt Barrier bolts directly to solid surfaces. The belt end can be equipped with standard received clips to join with other units or magnetic ends to attach to steel beams or frames.

Cafe barriers use a similar design to the floor-mounted queue posts. However, instead of a belt system, the barriers use a glass or fabric sheet that is attached between the posts. This sheet can include anything from company logos and branding to general advertising. Cafe barriers also prevent an open space that would usually be left from standard belt posts, reducing the risk of pedestrians skipping queues. Cafe barriers are popular at restaurants, pubs and outdoor events.

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