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Rope Barriers

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Rope Barriers

What are rope barriers used for?

Rope barriers are used to cordon off areas and prevent pedestrian entry. Rope barriers have a more professional look and are perfect for museums, theatres, public buildings and more. Simply join ropes between posts for instant entry denial.

Our Royale Rope Barrier Post has been a proven favourite amongst event and hospitality managers across the UK. This queue rope has answered the need for a plush yet affordable queue solution. With it’s stylish ball top and matching red velour rope, the Royale Rope Barrier Post has adorned many the red carpet event and remains an established leader in its field.

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We are delighted to launch the Windsor Rope Post from Queue Solutions which offers unrivalled elegance, style and choice. Choose from polished brass, polished stainless and satin stainless post finishes to match your entrance area perfectly. Available with an unrivalled selection of tops which include the classic ball top, the elegant crown top and the sleek flat top.

Utilising barrier posts and ropes is a sure way to provide an area with the most professional and effective queue management solutions possible – at Pittman we have an excellent, high quality barrier ropes range that will allow you to create queue systems in minutes. Use Pittman rope barriers to close off an area where needed, create quality barrier queuing for customers and more. With quick delivery to site Pittman offer the best range of barrier posts and ropes on the market allowing you to get that professional look you need.

How do barrier posts and ropes work?

Barrier ropes can be installed into various types of areas, ideal for the likes of a reception area, corridor, restaurant dining room, museum exhibit and more. Using a rope post like the Windsor Rope Post is a sure way to catch the attention of customers and pedestrians in the area, allowing you to close off areas while maintaining a professional look. These rope posts are available in 3 different top designs with 3 different post finishes, allowing you to customise your order to suit your need. The barriers can be equipped with the high quality braided rope premium – this rope can be attached quickly and easily to the post and can be joined up with other posts to close off areas instantly.

Why use rope barriers?

Rope barriers deter pedestrian entry in indoor premises. They are typically used to organise customer queues for events. They are also ideal for museum exhibits and displays. Rope barriers tend to be very noticeable to pedestrians. Crowd control ropes also maintain a professional look while in use.

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To complement the new Windsor Rope Post we have added a large selection of luxurious matching ropes which included the Premium Braided Rope which has quickly become our best seller – it comes in a Rayon material which is extra tough but surprisingly soft to touch. Also available is the ever popular Velour Rope Premium which come in a choice if 25mm or 38mm diameter. PITTMAN Traffic & Safety have an unrivalled selection of ropes for barrier posts. Both our Premium Braided Rope and our Velour Ropes come with a variety of rope ends including chrome slide hooks and brass hinges, which allow you to attach the rope to almost any rope barrier post.

With large stocks and the best value prices, PITTMAN can guarantee fast delivery to UK and worldwide, as well as unbeatable prices on rope barrier posts. Call us today on 020 3773 5397 for expert friendly advice on choosing the best rope barrier post for your next project.

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