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17 Item(s)

Bicycle Stand

bicyclestandA bicycle stand allows bikes to be locked in place via their frame. Locking bikes in this manner offers better security against bike theft. Bicycle stands also take up less space and are highly used in public areas. 

Why buy a bicycle stand?

Use a bicycle stand for better security against bike theft. Bicycle stands allow bikes to be locked in place their frame as well as their wheel. This provides better overall security against bike theft. They may also reduce the risk of trips and falls.

How to use a bicycle stand?

A bicycle stand will allow you to lock the bike via the frame or the wheel. Bicycle owners can use their own lock to their bike fast. Simply wrap the lock around the frame or through the wheel and around the bar of the bicycle stand.

why us a bicycle stand?

Our City Tour Bicycle Stand allows bicycles to be locked into place using the frame of the bike, which is arguably the most secure way of locking a bike into place. The P style design of the bike stand allow for up to 2 bikes to be stored at once - the modern design makes them perfect for use in outdoor areas such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, business premises and more. 

For something completely unique our Arched Armadillo Bicycle Stand Stainless Steel provides a highly attractive bike rack for your area. Each bicycle stand is made from stainless steel - this polished design suites the most professional of environements and looks right at home in public spaces.

Best bicycle stand?

  • Sheffield Cycle Stand - easy installation, fast delivery from stock
  • Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand - for a more attractive standard Sheffield style hoop
  • City Tour Bicycle Stand - unique 'P' design, ideal for public areas and professional environments
  • City Giro Bike Stand - round hoop and stand design, 
  • Arched Armadillo Bicycle Stand - highly attractive stainless steel stand, ideal for train stations, shopping centres and more

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