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9 Item(s)

Bike Stand

At Pittman we have a fantastic range of bike stands and cycle stands to choose from. Bike stands provide excellent bike storage options for your area, whether you are a school, business premises, hospital and more. 

What is a bike stand used for?

Bike stands are used for storing or locking bikes into place to deter theft. Our range consists of many different bike rack options that allow bicycles to be locked via their wheels or their frames which gives you great choice for selecting bike storage methods for your particular area. 

Of our most popular, stylish options is the City Giro Bike Stand. These one-piece design bike stands come with a circular format that allow bikes to be locked into place with ease. The circular design makes them highly attractive and suitable for the most professional of environments. 

Another popular bike stand option is the Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand- this one piece bike storage stands allow for up to 10 bikes to be stored at once. The one-piece design means that you can have plenty of bike storage in an instant with fast installation time.

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