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Cycle Rack

A cycle rack offers a highly effective means for storing multiple bikes at once. Using a cycle rack deters the risk of bicycle theft and allows for simple bike storage. They offer excellent bike storage for large areas including schools, apartment buildings, business premises and more. 

Why use a cycle rack?

A cycle rack deters theft of bikes once they are locked in place. When bikes are locked in place they may deter would-be bike thieves and give bike owners peace of mind. 


How to install a cycle rack?

  • Measure your area and ensure there is enough room for your cycle rack
  • Ensure there is enough space for bikes to enter and leave the rack
  • Mark the cycle rack drill points 
  • Drill pilot holes for each drill point
  • Once holes are drilled fix the rack into posiition and tighten fully

Benefits of a cycle rack?

  • Store multiple bikes at once
  • Permanent or temporary bike storage solution
  • Organise bike storage areas instantly
  • Deters bike theft
  • Encourages bike use - ideal for schools and businesses

what is a cycle rack?

What kind of cycle racks can I purchase from Pittman?

 PITTMAN stock a variety of safe, secure cycle storage options suitable for the home and work environment. The Sheffield Cycle Stand can be installed quickly and easily and provide bike storage for up to 2 bikes at once. The highly durable bike hoops come in a bolt down or sub-surface format that 

 The Low Profile Bike Rack makes a perfect addition to any office or home setting. The Hi-Lo design prevents handlebars from clashing when stored, so you can fit bikes tightly together in smaller spaces. Made from highly corrosive-resistant steel, bike racks can cope with extremes of weather. Suitable for mountain bikes or bikes with 50 mm wheels the rack can be installed and ready to use in minutes. These cycle stands come as flat-packed for quick and easy self-installation in no time at all, available with 2-6 bike storage heads. For quick and easy installation our London Compact Bike Rack offers excellent bike storage options with storage from 3 up to 5 bikes at a time. Zinc plated, the compact bike rack isvery durable and suitable for many environments.

why use a cycle rack?

The London Compact Bike Rack can fit up to 5 bikes, making it ideal for use at work where a number of people cycle to work. The Sheffield bike rack can be used at schools and universities too providing a secure way to store bikes for the day. Installation is easy and the cycle rack can be used immediately while the rack won’t corrode or rust no matter what the weather. The design of the rack means bikes are 800 mm from one another ensuring that bikes can be easily accessed even when the rack is full.


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