Scooter Racks

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4 Item(s)

Scooter Racks

Electric scooters have become a fantastic means to get around urban areas. They are highly popular in cities and the requirement for scooter infrastructure is growing by the day.

Scooter racks offer excellent storage for electric scooters that are now commonly in use in public areas. These scooter racks help to deter would be scooter thieves and can allow scooters to be locked in place. 

What are scooter racks?

Scooter racks are steel racks used to store or deter theft of scooters. Scooters can be locked into place using the scooter racks. They are widely used in urban environments including cities and towns. 

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Why use scooter racks?

Use scooter racks to deter theft of scooters. Electric scooters have risen in popularity and have become a staple means of getting around urban settings. With an increase in scooter use the racks will be ideal for cities and towns where there is frequent scooter use.

The Scooter Rack 9 Head can be installed on site fast. Each unit comes in a single piece format for bolting down directly to the surface. Once in place up to 9 scooters can be locked in place side by side. Scooters can be locked into place using standard bike locks, cable locks and more. The anti rust treatment also helps to reduce rusting while being used outdoors. 

Another popular storage option is the GHP Scooter Rack. This rack is available in a 6 or 12 head format and comes with an option of wall or ground mount. The clip pinching system on the racks allows for easy insertion of locks. As well as the lock offers even better protection against theft. The powder coated anthracite grey design also makes it suitable for professional environments. 

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