Sheffield Bike Rack

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7 Item(s)

Sheffield Bike Rack

Sheffield Bike Racks are a cornerstone in the Pittman Bike Storage range. Sheffield stands provide excellent bike storage for a number of area types and can be installed quickly and easily where needed most. We keep plenty of our Sheffield range in stock for FAST delivery to site.

where to us a sheffield bike rack?

How do I install a Sheffield Bike Rack?

Sheffield Bike Racks can be bolted into the ground quickly and easily via pre-drilled holes in each unit. Once in place the sheffield stands allow for bike storage of up to two bikes per unit where they can be locked into place via their frames.

Our most popular option is the standard Sheffield Cycle Stand - made from hot-dip galvanised steel each sheffield bike hoop provides an easy method of bike storage. Once in place a bike can be locked either side. Note that we also have the very same Sheffield option in a concrete-in version - the root fixing option provides an excellent permanent fixings option.

sheffield bikerack

For a more professional finish we can also provide our Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand. Where it will also hold two bikes per unit it comes in a stainless steel format which may provide more of a sleek finish to bike storage environments, suitable for outdoor use in plenty of areas. 

why use a sheffield bike rack?

If you require a root-fixed version we can also provide the Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand Sub-Surface - again instead of fixing it to the surface it can be concreted into the ground to permanently have in place. 

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