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Vertical Bike Rack

Maximise Bike Storage Space With A Vertical Bike Rack - FAST Delivery. Ireland' Best Range of Vertical Bike Racks - Call Us for Expert Advice.

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9 Item(s)

Vertical Bike Rack

Call our vertical bike rack experts for the best bike storage advice in your facility or premises. Need installation? We can supply and install vertical bike racks. Contact our sales team on 01 531 2111 or email the drawing of your next project to [email protected].

How do I hang a bike vertically?

You can hang a bike vertically using a vertical bike rack- these bike racks allow your bike to be hung via the wheel or frame where it will save valuable storage space.

What is a vertical bike rack?

A vertical bike rack is a bike hanger or bicycle holder that allows bikes to be hung from them -  which in turn helps to save floor space.

A product like the Vertical Bike Rack Wall Mount can be installed quickly and easily on-site and allows for bike storage for one bike per unit. Bikes can be inserted into the wall-mounted unit and then locked into place, thus saving space on the floor in the area. Utilising this space removes trip hazards from the floor and allows for other items to be placed here should the need occur. The saved space can be used to house bike repair stations and maintain a cleaner, more efficient bike parking facility.

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Is there a vertical cycle rack that can store multiple bikes?

Yes - one of our most popular vertical cycle rack options is the Semi Vertical Bike Rack. These bike racks allow for storage for multiple units at a time and have staggered mounts on them so that bicycles will sit in neatly when in storage. Each set of semi-vertical racks is made from hot-dip galvanised steel comes with the option of mounting against a wall or freestanding in an open space. In any case, these bike racks will help to utilise as much of your space as possible. This is ideal for tight spaces in apartment blocks, business parking facilities and more.

Another excellent option is our Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Vertical Bicycle Rack - this economical bike rack comes in a handy flat-packed format for easy self install on site. Each unit comes with the facility to store up to 6 bikes at a time - it consists of one main unit with 6 bike hooks to hand your bikes vertically. The vertical bike racks allow the bikes to be hung via their wheel and of course locked into place for theft deterrence. 

Looking for a wall bike rack? See our full range of wall-mounted bike racks that can also save bike storage space in your indoor or outdoor bike parking facility.

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