Wall Bike Rack

wall bike rack

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8 Item(s)

Wall Bike Rack

Use a wall bike rack to save ground space and maximise bike storage. Storing bikes via a wall saves much needed ground space, allowing you to store more bikes at once. Some wall bike racks also come with the the option to fold, saving even further space in the process.

A bicycle wall mounted rack can be used indoors and outdoors. Choose the best rack suited for your area. If using your bicycle wall mounted rack outdoors be sure it is high quality to resist against corrosion.

bike rack for wall

Why use a wall bike rack?

Use a wall bike rack to save space on bike storage. Wall bike racks also reduce the risk of trips and falls as they are mounted to the wall, not the ground. These racks provide storage for just as many bikes as ground mounted versions.

How to install a wall bike rack?

To install a bike rack for wall follow the below steps - 

  • Measure your area - ensure there is enough space for your rack
  • Ensure the area your are installing can take the weight of the bike(s)
  • Mark holes where the bicycle wall rack will be used
  • Drill holes and insert any necessary rawlplugs 
  • Screw bike rack on wall and ensure it is fully secure
  • Test rack by putting the bike in place

why use a wall bike rack?

Is it safe to hang a bike by the wheel?

Hanging a bike by the wheel is very safe. Bicycle wall racks not only save space - they also help to maintain the bike and can allow easy access for repairs. The wheels of a standard bike are strong enough to be hung on a wall rack.


How much bikes can a wall bike rack hold?

Bike Rack Wall Mounted - 1 bike

Universal Folding Wall Bike Rack - 2 - 4 bikes

5 Head Wall Bike Rack - 5 bikes

Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Hanger - 6 bikes

wall bicycle rack

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