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    In a couple of weeks, Ireland will switch its times again to summer time, meaning you’ll miss that extra hour in bed! Although you might not read too much into this, studies in America have shown it can have serious effects on workplace safety. On average Americans lose up to 40 minutes sleep by pushing’s the clock 1 hour ahead, meaning employees lose that extra bit of alertness in work. And because of this, injuries tend to spike on the Monday after the change. A study by the Journal of A...

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    Pedestrian Safety is a hugely important factor in any workplace. It’s especially important in areas where vehicles and machinery are in operation. On average there are 20 deaths a year in workplaces as a result of injuries by vehicles. Below we’ve listed out some precautions that management can take to minimise the risk of workplace injury. Use protection barriers to stop pedestrians entering areas. Portable Barriers are a great way to warn people not to enter areas at certain times, allo...

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