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    How can I Stop my Car from being stolen? All modern cars are now fitted with complex immobilizers so the days of ‘hot wiring’ are mostly over. These days’ thieves are more likely to target keys. A common tactic today is for crooks to get hold of the car keys from hall tables, or key racks near the door. It’s not uncommon for them to fish for keys using a pole through the letter box. The ambitious car thief will also think nothing of opening doors secured with conventional slam-shut barrel ...

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    According to recent statistics from the Road Safety Authority in 2012, 29 pedestrians were killed on Irish roads, making up around a fifth of all fatalities and casualties in the country as a whole from collisions. While this figure is the lowest on record, and beats government targets it’s important not to get complacent, since just one pedestrian death is one too many. In most accidents it’s the driver who is responsible, but there are ways to reduce the risks of injury if you are a pedestr...

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    Taking up cycling could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Not only will it help you beat the city commute, it will help you live longer, save the planet and save money. However before you get out on the road you will need to buy some essential items to keep safe and get the most out of your shiny new steed. By focusing on the ‘must haves’ and leaving the desirable but not essential pieces of equipment you can keep costs down. Here are five essential items you will need 1. A He...

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