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    According to the IFRC (The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) road deaths accounted for a staggering 1.3 million in 2008, more than 3000 deaths on the roads every day. This puts road deaths on an equal footing with AIDS and tuberculosis worldwide. Nearly half of those dying on the roads are cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists and it’s estimated that road traffic injuries are predicted to rise by 65% by 2020 unless drastic action is taken. Should road safe...

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    As a good employer you naturally want the best for your staff, and that includes encouraging them to cycle to work so they can enjoy extra health benefits. However while you’re keen to get your employees in the saddle, they might not be quite so enthusiastic. They may worry about their bike being stolen or what to do in the event of a puncture. Or, your staff may simply be daunted by the prospect of getting back on a bike after many years, especially if they have to face busy traffic. How ...

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