5 Reasons Why Flexbrite Flexible Bollards Have Been So Popular With Pittman Customers

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Over the last 5 years Flexbrite flexible bollards provided our customers with some of the most durable, most cost-effective rubber bollards on the market. Flexbrites have provided excellent service to many businesses, schools, car parks and more and provide some of the best solutions to lane separation and delineation.

Now in 2018 our Flexbrite range has turned 5 years old –a perfect time to look at 5 proven reasons why Pittman customers love Flexbrite Flexible Bollards.

  1. Unrivalled durability – Pittman’s Flexbrite bollards are made from 100% polyurethane and will spring back into place in the instance they are struck by a vehicle. Unlike plastic bollards they will survive plenty of impacts from vehicles, allowing them to provide years of excellent service in many kinds of environments including warehouses, forecourts and more.
  2. 2-year Colour Warranty – Flexbrite bollards have been designed for longevity in mind, with little maintenance to worry about from the moment they are installed. Each different Flexbrite bollard colour will maintain its professional look over time, with little need to replace them. Whats more, all bollards are UV stabilised and won’t fade in the sun, especially the lighter white colours. Choose colours that are!
  3. Oralite Reflective Tape – Every Flexbrite Bollard is equipped with Oralite reflective tape, making them suitable for dark environments such as underground car parks or rural entrance ways. When met with the beams of an oncoming vehicle each strip of reflective tape will light up to alert the driver of their presence.
  4. Flexbrite Accessories – The Flexbrite range of bollards can be equipped with many different accessory types, allowing you to customise and accessorise the area they are being installed in. To start all you need is a Flexbrite adaptor, easily installed on to the top of the bollard. With this you can then install chain eye hoops that allow you to loop chain from bollard to bollard, excellent for delineating larger areas and deterring entry.

Another option is to equip the adaptor with a Flexbrite sign – these plastic signs can be screwed in to provide a quick message to direct traffic, warn pedestrians and more. Custom stickers can be made up in just a few working days.

  1. Easy installation – With just 3 fixings needed per bollard each Flexbrite can be installed in approximately 15-20 mins a piece. All you have to do is mark the pre-drilled holes, drill them and screw the fixings into place. All fixings required to install a bollard into place are including with order.

Our Flexbrite Flexible Bollard Range is always growing – now in stock is our new Red Flexbrite Bollard, available fast delivery to UK and Ireland customers. With 13 varities in stock we can provide Flexbrite colours and sizes to suit your area. Call us today on (01) 531 2444 for information on bulk discounts.