A Bollard’s Best Friend – 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Retention Sockets With Sub-Surface Bollards

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If you have installed a sub-surface bollard before then you know how much work can be involved in doing so – excavating the area and setting the bollard in place can be a long, hard task. What’s more, with concreting bollards straight into the ground it means they are essentially there permanently and cannot be moved, which may cause problems in the long term should they have to be removed.

At Pittman we are always on the hunt for solutions to your problems and with the Retention Sockets installing sub-surface bollards has become so much easier. Retention sockets offer an excellent means of installing root fixed bollards without the need for them to be concreted directly into the ground.

If you have never used retention sockets before or if you are still on the fence about them these 4 reasons below should help to clear up some key details about them.

  1. Extreme durability – each retention socket is made from highly durable steel and has been tested to international standards. Should impact to the paired bollard occur the socket itself will remain unharmed, ensuring they don’t have to be replaced often. This means they can also be fully reused again and again if needed, whether being used on the same site or for a completely new area. The bollard may have to be replaced but having the socket ready to go again will certainly save on cost.


  1. Eliminate repeat excavations – where root-fixed bollards are concerned they may provide a problem should they have to be moved in the future. The retention socket eliminates this problem and will equip the bollard with the ability to be removed should it be required. This not only allows for seasonal changes in an area - it could potentially save hundreds or thousands on repeat excavations and eliminates the need to rip bollards out and replace them in a short space of time, minimising disruption to the area.


  1. Easy to use – each retention socket is very easy to install under the ground and can will save countless time and effort for future works. Once the socket is in place it allows for the bollard to be installed very quickly, where the bollard will be adjusted into position as necessary and locked into place. Once in place the internal screw can be locked away from interference using the surface plate and can be accessed when required using the included triangular key.


  1. Versatile – the retention sockets can be used for more than just one type of product. Once the tube size matches the socket size they can be used in tandem. For instance the RS48 Retention Socket can be used in conjunction with our Sub-Surface Sheffield Bike Stands (one socket used for each leg), the RS60 Retention Socket can be used with some of our ornamental type bollards like the Henley Fixed Bollard and the RS76 Retention Socket can be combined with standard 76mm sign poles. The sockets can be used with bollards, bike racks, display cases, traffic lights, street furniture and more.


Need more information on Retention Sockets? Download our detailed installation guide now!