What Is A Bike Repair Station And Why Are They The Perfect Companion To Bike Storage Facilities?

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Bike repair stations are slowly becoming a much sought after product for the likes of bike storage facilities and, if you have seen how they operate and how they can help a business premises, school, college, garage etc. you will see first hand why every bike storage facility in the country should have one.

Bike repair stations offer more than just a way for bike users to fix their bikes – they provide a means for employees, students and more to keep on time, reduce costly bike repairs from a shop and to cater for large bike storage facilities at once.

If you’re in charge of facilities, are in charge of a school/college, public areas or a business premises you need to know what a bike repair station is and how it can help you and your premises today. Not only will they help bike users in your area, they compliment bike racks and bike stand facilities and help to promote bike usage on a regular basis.

Here are 5 key features about the Public Bike Repair and Pump Station from Pittman.

  • Highly durable steel design – each of our Bike Repair Stations is made from a galvanised steel frame and comes in just 2 parts in delivery. To get the station up and running all you have to do is mount the main bike rest at the top of the unit and it’s ready to use. Installation into the ground is also made very easy with the pre-drilled holes on the base of the unit – the station is essentially ready for use from the moment it’s removed from the box.


  • Includes 9 integrated tools – the bike repair and pump station allows bikes to be mounted to the bike rest with great ease – from there bike users have access to 9 tools including


1x Phillips screwdriver

1x Flat screwdriver

1x T25 Torx screwdriver

1x Adjustable spanner

Skateboard tools

1x Flat wrench 8 x10 mm

1x Flat wrench 13×15 mm

1x Hex key set

1x Tyre lever (plastic with steel core)


The tools allow bike users to easily change flat tyres, remove wheels, fix nuts/bolts etc. with great ease and comfort. The tools are connected on the underside of the station via stainless steel wire and will remain in place at all times – no need to worry about tools going missing.

Bike Repair Station with pump


  • High quality universal bike pump – aside from the integrated tools the most popular feature of the bike repair station is the universal bike pump. This excellent pump includes a universal head that integrates with almost all valve types, making it highly versatile and suitable for all environments. Again once the bike is in place on the stand it makes pumping tyres that much easier, allowing bike users to look after their bikes without the need for a second set of hands.


  • Custom branding for the ultimate impression – the Pittman repair stations come in a bright powder coated blue colour as standard, however, if required the stations can be custom branded with your logos, company colours and more. Use branding to create the ultimate first impression on site and let bike users in the area know exactly where the station is.



Pittman Bike Repair and Pump Stations offer excellent bike care for small to large bike storage facilities, allowing employees, students, public bike owners and more to take care of their bikes with ease.


The bike repair and pump stations are in stock NOW – call us today on 015312777 or email us at [email protected] for a quotation.