Bike Stands – Creating neat and tidy bike storage for the new school year

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It might seem almost cliché to say it but here it is: 2017 has been a quick year thus far.  At times weeks have been passing in what seems like mere days.  Sometimes it’s almost hard to keep up with how quick time goes but, alas, we must go on.  For those in the education sector the planning for September is probably already underway, with lots to fix and put in place before children return from their Summer break.  Here at Pittman we are always here to help when it comes to supplying schools for traffic and safety equipment for the new school year.

One such area that has become so important with schools over the last few years is bike storage.  Bike storage solutions are a speciality here at Pittman – with many kinds of bike stands, bike racks and bike shelters to choose we are sure to have something that can help you plan for the new school year.


Why are bike stands and bike racks so important for schools?

We’ve all heard about how childhood obesity has become a real problem among our youth across Ireland today, ranging from primary school age right up to secondary school age.  In most schools now it has become commonplace to encourage school children to walk and cycle to school, which is a key step towards fighting the epidemic. Schools are a place of learning and that doesn’t stop at just maths and geography, they also need to learn about health and looking after themselves.

By encouraging cycling to school the schools themselves will need to be equipped with the best in bike stands and bike storage racks to ensure maximum storage capabilities while creating neat and tidy storage areas.  Simply chaining a bike to a nearby lamppost is not only unsafe but it looks quite unsightly for a school front.

What's more bike racks and bike stands help to create an excellent means of deterring bike theft, allowing school children to lock their bike in place with peace of mind.


Bike Storage is needed in almost every school today, from primary school right up to colleges and universities


What is the difference between a bike rack and a bike stand?

When it comes to bike storage there are many different options for schools.  The main types of bike storage solutions we offer here at Pittman are bike stands and bike racks.  They may sound similar at first, but there are a few key differences that will help you decide which best suits your premises

Bike Racks

Bike racks are a great way of containing a number of bikes at one time.  Bike racks are usually deployed directly onto the ground and allow you to store bikes from left to right quickly and easily.  To lock the bike in place all you have to do is simply leave the wheel into the rack and connect them together using a decent lock.  With something like the Low-Profile Bike Rack you receive bike rack heads that are staggered at a high-low design to stop the handlebars of bikes hitting off each other, thus creating maximum storage space.

Low Profile Bike Rack - utilises an up-down design to stop handlebars from hitting off each other and maximising space

Bike Stands

With a taller appearance than bike racks, bike stands are usually single piece units that stand at roughly the same height as a bike itself.  With a large hoop design bike stands are installed directly into the ground and allow for bikes to be locked either side of the bike stand.  The fact that they are single upright units means that they are not as much of a trip hazard as bike racks. A typical example is the Sheffield bike stand – available in a surface bolt down version or a concrete-in version the Sheffield is ideal for areas where bike storage space is at a minimum.


Sheffield Cycle Stand - available in a bolt down or concrete in format, allows for a bike to be locked in on both sides.



Here at Pittman we have many other bike racks and bike stands that are perfect for school grounds. What's more, we can also supply a range of bike shelters to help protect students bikes from the elements if required.  If you’re a school principal or caretaker tasked with providing the best in bike storage solutions for your students look no further – we have everything you require to help you get set up for the new school year.

Bike Shelters also available to purchase from us here at Pittman