MegaMax Chain Post Set: Our Bestseller blocks off up to 25 metres quickly

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Mega Max Chain Post Set Mega Max Chain Post Set

Chain post sets offer the perfect way to separate pedestrians from traffic or maintenance works. Since the bases can be filled with sand, they provide a stable barrier, ideal for use both inside and outside. They are easy to deploy in a variety of settings from car parks and warehouses to public areas, providing fast and quick barriers that can extend to a huge distance.

When the bases are filled the chain post set becomes extra stable meaning that the distance between each post can increase - to 8 metres. This is why they are quickly able to form a lengthy 25 metres barricade. This can be an invaluable help when an unforeseen situation arises, for example where crowds have started to gather, and need to be restricted from entering areas.

Mega Max Chain Post Set Mega Max Chain Post Set

The popular MegaMax chain post set ideal for a variety of environments

Pittman’s bestselling chain post set is the MegaMax, a barricade system highly popular with utility crews who need to block off large areas, since they can extend further than portable barriers are able to. The Megamax is also ideal for use in car parks, warehouses, sports stadiums or for demarcating zones at events and fairs outdoors on a temporary basis, the set making an ideal, economical and highly visible option for crowd control.

The MegaMax chain post set comes with 6 brightly coloured reflective posts and 25 metres of red and white durable plastic chain. Posts are 1.1 metres tall with reflective strips that ensure that the barriers are highly visible even in lower lighting conditions. When used outside the chain post set can withstand wet and windy conditions by filing the post bases with sand - and bases can be left empty when indoors, leaving the set extra lightweight and easily portable.

MegaMax chain post sets are quick to set up

The MegaMax chain post sets are easy to deploy for use at schools, airports, production areas and in warehouses and industrial premises. Posts and chains can be set up, broken down and reconfigured with ease, their UV stabilised plastic construction ensures they will look good for the long term even if they are regularly used in harsh weather conditions. When bases are filled the weight of the posts are heavy enough to ensure they don’t fall down but still light enough to be portable.

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