Control Crowds with Multi-Max Chain Post Sets

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Crowd control is very important in today’s world, especially with social distancing at the forefront. With most public spaces, events and outdoor facilities things are expected to resume as normal once the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

A lot of businesses may see a quick surge of footfall and traffic once lockdowns have been lifted. In these cases, it is of utmost importance to be as prepared as possible.

Crowd control will be of special importance – where social distancing may be still in effect it will be hugely beneficial to ensure crowds can be separated safely and efficiently.

Multi-Max Chain Posts

The Multi-Max Chain Posts can be used indoors or outdoors. Use the posts to separate vehicle traffic, pedestrian queues and more.

The highly robust posts utilise a weighted base to stand upright at all times, even outdoors.

Each chain post set comes with -

  • 6 chain posts and bases
  • 15 metres of plastic chain
  • 6 chain eyes for attaching chain


How to use the Multi-Max Chain Posts

There are various ways the Multi-Max posts can be used in terms of crowd control. Use them for -

  • Deterring entry into out of bounds areas
  • Create queue systems for venues and storefronts
  • Maintain social distancing measures during the pandemic
  • Direct car traffic in outdoor areas


The Multi-Max Chain Posts can be moved easily when needed. The 7kg base is enough to weigh them down indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, the Multi-Max Chain Posts can be equipped with custom signs in order to direct pedestrians or vehicles.

Need to cover a larger area? The Mega-Max Chain Post set comes with 25 metres of chain and can help you cover a larger area fast.



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