Cycling Safety Tips for Children

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Why you need to get the Kids Cycling

Whether for fun or as a way to get you from A to B, cycling is a great way to keep the whole family healthy. Cycling really is simple, can be enjoyed at any age and by encouraging the kids to cycle from an early stage you’re giving them an important skill for life. All you need is roadworthy bikes, some basic safety gear and a safe place to store your cycles such as a cycle rack or shed, and you’re good to go.

Cycling gets kids fitter and more alert

Growing up most of us spent lots of time on our bikes and we can still remember how much fun it was. Today there’s far more concern about safety when cycling but if you take the right precautions it’s a great way for children to get outdoors and increase fitness levels. Children should be getting at least an hour of aerobic exercise a day in order to keep fit and healthy but recent research indicates that this isn’t happening. A new study from the University of South Australia’s School of Health has revealed that the cardiovascular fitness levels of kids is about 15% less than when their parents were the same age. And, worryingly an unfit child is likely to become an unhealthy adult.

Riding with children

If you avoid busy roads there are plenty of places to enjoy a biking adventure with your children. Half the fun is deciding where to go, and the internet can be a great source of information on bike friendly routes which will suit everyone’s level of ability. You’ll need to keep a strict eye on the kids when you’re out riding with them, and make bike rides short to start with until they’re used to cycling some distance. It’s usually best to cycle slightly behind your children and slightly away from the kerb to help protect them from passing traffic

When you get to a junction draw level and tell them what to do (stop, go, etc.) Use gestures rather than speech to direct them, for example point to where you want them to go rather than say left ahead. It’s best to discourage your kids from riding on pavements even if this is something they’re used to doing. They will be safer with other cyclists on the road. Make sure they’re wearing suitable clothing for the weather, and bring waterproofs or sun protection if necessary. If you’re travelling with a child in a child seat wrap them up extra warm – it’s cold at the back.

When you get back from your bike ride you will need somewhere safe to store your cycles. Pittman has a wide range of bike racks and bike shelters perfect for storing the family bikes. The simple to assemble Bow Frame Bicycle Rack is ideal for home use, since it’s lightweight and easy to install. The Star Bike Rack is a great space saver when you have a few bikes to store securely while the Low Profile Bike Rack is a great way to keep bikes safe and freeing up clutter.