The Ultra Expandable Barrier - A basic requirement for every utility crew

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The Ultra Expandable Barrier - A basic requirement for every utility crew

Utility workers play an important role in our everyday life, from construction and highway maintenance to offices - in fact, in any organisation requiring routine maintenance needs. They are constantly seen at work providing support for repairing potholes and gutters or cleaning floors, windows and restrooms.

Ultra Expandable Barrier Ultra Expandable Barrier

Utility crews often have to work outside in testing conditions, including in the wind and rain and may also deal with hazardous materials, tools and equipment. Because of this, workers need to take precautions in order to ensure a safe work environment for themselves, their co-workers and the general public. They need to be able to recognise hazards and take measures to prevent them.

Utility workers need to adhere to health and safety regulations

To ensure compliance with health and safety rules there’s often a requirement to implement barricade systems to keep the public and other employees safe whilst work is carried out. For example, at construction sites crews need to restrict access across defined boundaries and prevent unauthorised personnel from entering areas. This is an urgent requirement, since every year members of the public are harmed in accidents at construction sites.

Expanding portable barriers offer an effective solution

Expanding portable barriers are an excellent, portable way to demarcate multiple areas in both commercial and industrial settings. They can be used to block pedestrian traffic from the hazard of slipping on wet floors during cleaning operations, or temporarily keep people and vehicles from entering specific areas in a warehouse or factory. Expanding portable barriers are easy to move from place to place, being lightweight and foldable, ready to place in the boot of a van or truck.

Terminal Expandable Barrier Terminal Expandable Barrier

The Ultra Expandable Barrier is a popular choice with utility workers

Whether there’s a need to block off a doorway or ensure pedestrians aren't injured during construction work expanding portable barriers are a great solution. Pittman’s Ultra barriers are brightly coloured in red and white with reflective panels ensuring they provide a visible warning to people. They expand to fit just about anywhere you need blocked off, and can be used both inside and outside. Weighing just 7kg the barriers can also be filled with water for extra stability in bad weather. They are perfect for a business owner or utility crew when they’re carrying out repairs, also great for car parks making a temporary roadblock. Folding down to just 145 mm the Ultra expanding portable barrier won’t take up too much space in the back of the utility vehicle either, meaning they can quickly be transported from project to project.

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