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Five Tips For Working Through The Hot Weather

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We’re not used to it are we?

The first decent bit of sun rolls along and suddenly we’re in a frenzy.  Barbeques are stoked and ready to go, the lotion is in hand and our shorts are on. We never experience a heatwave like this, so it’s no wonder everyone is making the most of the situation and indulging in some vitamin D intake.

However, unless it’s the weekend most of us will be working through the heat, whether it be in an office, a warehouse or in some cases outdoors - either way you should do your best to stay cool and stay as productive as possible.  Here are some tips to get you through the heat and ensure you earn your payslip.

  1. Stay cool

The high temperatures are sure to throw you off a bit when you’re at work, so to avoid that slump make sure that your workplace temperatures are reasonable.  If you can plug in a fan or step outside to refresh yourself now and again.  Remember, if you feel hot tiredness isn’t too far way – don’t let the heat drain you.

  1. Drink water

It’s a known fact – if you become dehydrated your brain doesn’t function the way it is supposed to. Make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.  And no – coffee, tea and other fizzy beverages don’t count! Drink plenty of water and you’ll be thankful for it as the day goes on.

  1. Take regular breaks

Sometimes the heat just becomes too much and concentration becomes increasingly difficult. When this feeling strikes take a break.  Sitting at your desk or workstation in a puddle of sweat and not knowing what to do won’t help matters! Take a break, grab some fresh air and leave your workstation for a few minutes and let your mind reset.

  1. Dress for it

Wearing multiple layers or tight shirts are not the way to go during a heatwave. If you can, dress in ventilated clothes – check with your employer to make sure this is OK. I’m not saying go to work in full-on beach gear with bucket and spade in hand, but at least wear a t-shirt or short-sleeve shirt to stop yourself overheating!

  1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

If there are tasks in your schedule that are more difficult than others why not move them to a cooler part of the day – perhaps your most difficult tasks would be best done first thing in the morning or towards the evening when the sun isn’t as strong.  Save your menial tasks for when the sun hits it’s peak and concentration levels are lower.