Hand Sanitiser Tips To Protect Against The Spread of Covid-19

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With the Covid-19 pandemic still are large it’s important to maintain excellent hygiene as time goes by. While numbers seem to be decreasing and industries are slowly getting back to normal both social distancing and hygiene will play an important role in general health and safety.

Regular hand washing alone could very well be the difference in stopping the spread of Covid-19. According to the World Health Organization human hands are a main pathway for the spread of germs.

Encouraging better hand hygiene will help to put a halt to the deadly virus as well other common bacteria.

Use hand sanitiser for instant hand hygiene

Although washing with soap and warm water is recommended it is not always possible or available to us when in a public place.

Hand sanitiser provides an instant means for cleaning hands. Most hand sanitisers come in a gel or foam material that allows for instant hand cleaning.  Because they evaporate quickly after use it reduces the need for towels, thus stopping the spread of germs.

hand sanitiser

Tips for using hand sanitiser

  • Ensure alcohol content is >60% for maximum effect
  • Use hand sanitiser where hands are not visibly dirty
  • Rub in thoroughly to ensure full coverage of hands
  • DO NOT dry excess sanitiser – rub in until fully dry for full effect
  • DO NOT share personal bottles of sanitiser – reduce spread of germs
  • Wash hands for 15-30 seconds at least
  • Don’t hold back – apply another coat if you think you missed
  • Avoid making your own sanitiser
  • Avoid using strong drinking alcohols as sanitiser

See below  for a full WHO guide on handwashing with hand sanitiser



Hand Sanitiser from Pittman

  • Added botanicals for protection to hands
  • Available in 3 bottle sizes - 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litre
  • Spray bottle option – excellent for hands and equipment
  • Liquid material– lasts longer than most common gels