How to choose the right convex mirror

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How to choose the right Convex Mirror

Choosing the right convex mirror may seem like a nightmare but once you know what you need and where you are placing the mirror the task gets a much easier.  Here at Pittman we can supply a vast array of convex mirrors.  Have a look at our guide below to find out which convex mirror will work best for you.


Indoor or Outdoor

One of the first things you need to clarify is whether you need a convex mirror for indoor or outdoor use. Depending on where the convex mirror will be installed depends on the type of mirror that will suit you best.



For indoor mirrors one of the most popular options is the SeeClear Interior Convex Mirror – made with a highly effective acrylic front these convex mirrors are perfect for an indoor environment, whether at home or in a warehouse, school or similar area.  Available in various sizes these convex mirrors can be installed directly to a wall for instant benefits to your area.  Excellent in many environments, these convex mirrors help to see around bends or corners with ease and are perfect as a security mirror in shopfronts.

The SeeClear Interior Convex Mirror is perfect for indoors - ideal for shop security


For outdoor mirrors there are various options to choose from, but one of the most popular convex mirrors is the SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror.  Again, these convex mirrors are made with an acryclic front and a plastic backing, making them very lightweight and easy to install at all times.  As opposed to indoor convex mirrors the SeeClear Roadside comes with a bracket for mounting them directly to a 76mm pole OR to a flat wall.  This gives these convex mirrors a great advantage over a lot of mirrors and allows them to be used in many areas.  The SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror is popular among many customers and is ideal for using on rural roads for hidden entrances to houses.


The SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror is ideal for rural areas where it may be hard to see around corners or bends


What size mirror do I require?

When it comes to most of our convex mirror range there are various sizes available to choose from.  Apart from a rise in price there are other items to note when purchasing a convex mirror. Firstly, the bigger the convex mirror the more you will be able to see.  If you are a good distance away from the opposite side of the road where the mirror is installed you will need a bigger mirror to ensure you can see properly.  Below is a quick guide on the distance that a standard convex mirror size will cover.






Mirror Size (mm)





Maximum Observation Distance (Metres)





400Ø 3
500Ø 5
600Ø 6 – 7
700Ø 7 - 9
800Ø 9 – 11
400 x 600 5
600 x 800 10
800 x 1000 15
1000 x 1200 20


Rural areas and urban areas

Whether you are installing a convex mirror in a rural or urban area may also play a key role in what kind of mirror you eventually decide to go with.  The previously mentioned acrylic convex mirrors are ideal for rural areas where there is less vandalism overall and where they are less likely to be tampered with.  If you are in a rural area the acrylic convex mirrors will work fine, but note that they are not indestructible.

For something a bit more robust that would be ideal for urban areas you can choose the SeeClear Stainless Steel Convex Mirror.  Made with a stainless steel front and backing these convex mirrors have been thoroughly tested and can survive all kinds of vandalism and impact from an array of items, including vandalism, rocks and weathering.  What’s more, the See Clear Steel Convex Mirror is available in a variety of sizes and is available for in an outdoor or indoor model as well as various different sizes.  Although the price of these convex mirrors does increase in comparison to the acrylic style mirrors they do provide "bang for their buck" when it comes to performance.

SeeClear Steel Convex Mirrors - available in an indoor and outdoor version.




This quick guide is just a start to our convex mirror range – for more information on our convex mirrors call us on 01 531 2777 or email us at [email protected]