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How to Stop Your New Car Being Stolen

Categories: Road SafetySecurity

How can I Stop my Car from being stolen?

All modern cars are now fitted with complex immobilizers so the days of ‘hot wiring’ are mostly over. These days’ thieves are more likely to target keys. A common tactic today is for crooks to get hold of the car keys from hall tables, or key racks near the door. It’s not uncommon for them to fish for keys using a pole through the letter box. The ambitious car thief will also think nothing of opening doors secured with conventional slam-shut barrel locks to access keys left on a sideboard or kitchen worktop, before making a slick getaway.

What can you do so keep your car safe?

  • Don’t make your car a target for thieves, don’t leave valuables on show and don’t store them in the car- lock them in the boot.
  • Always park in a legal secure parking space and get parked if possible before 11pm. Off-street car parks are a safer bet than on street parking.
  • Lock your doors when driving.
  • Use a steering wheel lock. This one’s especially important if you have an older car.
  • If you get your number plates stolen contact the Gardai right away, since thieves will probably use them to change the identity of another car. This puts you in danger of being connected to a crime you haven’t committed.
  • Take your Sat Nav with you when you leave your car – and remove the suction and cradle pads.
  • When defrosting your car in the winter don’t wait in the house for it to thaw out. Thieves may be waiting for just such an opportunity. This type of theft has become more common – known as ‘frosting’ – avoid by putting on a warm hat and gloves and sitting it out in the car.
  • Never leave a car unattended with keys in it – sounds obvious but it’s easy to do if you’re distracted. Just popping in to pay for petrol gives a thief plenty of time to disappear with your car.
  • Install Fold Down Parking Posts since this will deter even the most determined of thieves. Fixed parking posts and bollards will also enhance security. Parking barriers are perfect for stopping thieves from entering your driveway and is an excellent anti-theft device for cars. Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment make one that’s controlled remotely from up to 20 metres away, it’s made from a tough alloy, making it too hard for thieves to tackle. It also features an alarm so you will quickly be alerted if someone is attempting to tamper with it.
  • Make your car look more secure than it is, by placing stickers on it that say it has an alarm even if it doesn’t. It might just put an opportunist off.
  • Keep your car keys in a safe or security box. Oh and BTW – REMEMBER TO LOCK YOUR CAR!