Logo Mats To Create Visual Social Distancing Aid In Premises

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As the social distancing era moves on you will notice how shopfronts and supermarkets have done their best to adapt. Floor markings have been put in place to remind customers where they should stand, signage has been deployed and screens have been set up to protect till workers.  

As per HSE and WHO guidelines people are urged to keep back at least 2 metres from each other. This attempts to flatten the curve and reduce the number of infections that can be transmitted from person to person. 

However, even with floor markings the 2 metre distance may not seem as obvious to some people. The issue with floor markings also is that they can come up over time and tend to wear down with foot traffic. 

With social distancing mats you can create a highly effective, long-lasting visual representation of social distancing reminders. 


Why use social distancing logo mats? 

Social distancing logo mats have been designed to provide a visual reminder of where customers or visitors should stand. The mats use a visual measurement system and instantly identifies how far back someone should be in a shop queue. 

Social distancing logo mats are -  

  • A visual aid – much more obvious than tape 
  • Highly durable – easily cleaned with a vacuum for a long-lasting message 
  • Loose lay – no installation required, simply lay out on floors 
  • A physical distance reminder – includes markings for where people should stand 
  • Vinyl backed– will not slip out of place on wooden floors or tiles 
  • Great for capturing dirt – prevents spread of dirt indoors 

Where to use social distancing logo mats? 

The logo mats can be used at a number of points including 

  • Shop or supermarket queues 
  • Indoor ATMs and cashpoints 
  • Business entrances 
  • Waiting rooms 
  • Restrooms and more 

When combined with our QueueMaster Belt Post or MultiMax Chain Posts the mats can complement queue systems. Organise pedestrians accordingly to maintain correct social distancing. 

Our various other logo mats are also excellent reminders to wash your hands and to maintain excellent hygiene, perfect for combining with hand sanitiser stations. 


For our full range of social distancing products visit pittman.ie/social-distancing/mats.html