Looking for a high quality bike rack? See our guide to choosing the best bike storage option

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Choosing the best bike rack may seem like a daunting task. With so many types and options it can be hard to decide what kind of rack you need. Our guide makes the bike rack buying experience that much easier for you and will guide you to creating better, more efficient bike storage.

When creating bike storage it is important to ask yourself –

  • Where are the bikes beings stored?
  • How many bikes will I be storing?
  • How much space do I have for bike racks?

By vetting your area you can see what kind of bike rack will suit best and what ones may not work as well. The key to creating bike storage is to make it suitable for the area they are being used in. Some bike racks may save space in outdoor areas, but not indoor areas and vice versa.


Single Bike Storage

Anti Theft Wall Bike Rack



  • Ideal for indoor bike storage
  • Store single bikes vertically against the wall
  • 2 locking points for increased bike security
  • Save floor space and reduce trip hazards



Bike Rack Wall Mounted

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor bike storage
  • Allows single bike tyres at a time
  • Swivel head – park bikes at angles if required
  • Folds flat to the wall to save space


Multiple Bike Storage

Compact Bike Rack

  • Store up to 5 bikes
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Only 2 fixings points for fast installation


Low-Profile Bike Rack


  • Store 4 – 6 bikes at a time
  • A favourite with schools and colleges
  • Hot-dip galvanised – perfect for outdoor use
  • High-low design prevents handlebars from colliding


Sheffield Cycle Stand

  • Lock bikes via their frame for increased security
  • Stores up to 2 bikes at once
  • Choose from surface and sub-surface mounting options
  • Highly configurable – format on site to suit your surroundings
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor storage


Versailles Bike Rack

  • Stylish bike rack option for outdoors
  • Store up to 5 bikes
  • Optional single and staggered heights
  • Choose a black or brown finish


Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand

  • One-piece design for fast installation
  • Instant storage for up to 10 bikes
  • Sheffield style hoops for increased security
  • Sturdy full steel design


Large Scale Bike Storage

Two-Tier Bike Racks

  • Save ground space in large bike parking facilities
  • Maximise bike storage for large bike quantities
  • Chrome steel ball and gas spring for easy use at all times
  • Options for e-bikes and lower ceiling heights


Semi Vertical Bike Racks

  • Modular design for easy self install
  • Full galvanised steel design
  • Saves bike parking space for larger bike facilities
  • Locking points for increased bike security


For larger bike rack storage facilities we also have our range of public bike repair stands and bike shelters. Call our sales team on 01 531 2111 for more information on our bike racks range.