Make Rooftop Safety A Priority

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Rooftop Walkway Matting

For a facilities manager a rooftop area can be a nightmare when it comes to ensuring the best in health and safety standards for employees. Walkways that connect buildings and structures can be a particularly dangerous place, especially in the Irish climate with plenty of rain all year round.   This constant bad weather of course makes trips across the walkways unsafe for busy facilities employees, this putting them at risk - which is not what you need.

By having the correct equipment in place you can minimise the risk imposed on facilities workers and ensure they have a safer passage to and from rooftop sites, allowing them to work freely and with less worry about trips and falls. Items like anti-slip matting are a perfect start to providing a safer outdoor working environment.

No More Slips

At Pittman we always try to come up with a solution to make the job of you, the facilities manager, easier and safer by supplying the right kind of products at the right time. When it comes to walkway safety and anti-slip matting our new Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting provides the best support for facilities workers while working on rooftops, with excellent grip and stability at all times for sure footing on the job.

Rubber Walkway Matting Walkway matting is ideal for facilities managers - creating safe walkways on rooftops for employees


These anti-slip mats have been designed with outdoor workers in mind, made from tough durable PVC material they are sure to provide anti-slip assistance for a long time. Because of their design these walkway mats will contour to many roof types and are even compatible with PVC roof membranes, ideal for car park rooftops or shopping centre rooftop facilities.

The best part about these mats is that there are absolutely no fixings required – they are ready to install directly to site with no mess or fuss. The diamond pattern on the surface of the mat provides excellent grip for facility workers while moving about on a rooftop or walkway. The mats themselves are stable in winds of up to 60mph, making them ideal for Irish business premises when it gets quite windy.

Crossgrip Anti-Slip Matting The grip on the surface of the Crossgrip Anti-Slip Matting provides sure footing and stability for workers in harsh rooftop conditions


Here at Pittman facilities are just a small part of what we can cater for. For more information on our range contact us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!