Pittman Launch New 32-Page 2019 Best Sellers Catalogue – Available to Download Now

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Pittman launch 2019 brochure

Here at Pittman we are thrilled to announce the release of our brand new 2019 Best Sellers catalogue. This 32-page catalogue details our best-selling products and product ranges for the coming year, providing you with a comprehensive list of the “go-to” products in each product range as well as new products that have been added to the Pittman ranks.

This high-quality catalogue gives readers the chance to get a real feel for the important product ranges heading into 2019. With plenty of new products and more detail on existing ranges this catalogue will certainly prove to be our biggest and best one yet, giving you a more comprehensive look inside the Pittman warehouse.

Included in our catalogue:

  • The ever-growing Flexbrite Flexible Bollards range – now available in up to 13 colours and designs as well as 3 different sizes
  • Dedicated speed bumps page – details of the recommended use for each one, making speed bump purchases even easier
  • Full 2-page spread on JSP range – see our complete range of the fantastic JSP cones, water-filled barriers and expanding barriers
  • Wheel stops guide – see our list of wheel stops in stock and find out which one will work best for you
  • Complete Warehouse range – take a look at our entire Warehouse range, with plenty of options in the line of pallet rack protection, loading by protection and more
  • Bike Shelters and Smoking Shelters – Pittman’s highly durable bike shelters and new smoking shelters, available from stock
  • Impact Recovery Systems Range – see the difference between each Impact Recovery base type and why they are Pittman’s new leading product
  • XPT Berlin Speed Cushion at Heathrow – details on our new XPT speed cushion system and photos from our recent install at the arrivals hub in Heathrow Terminal 5


Want a copy of the new Pittman 2019 Best-Sellers catalogue? Download yours now!