Scooter Racks to Assist with Increasing Use of Electric Scooters across Ireland

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Electric scooter use is on the rise here in Ireland and it’s easy to see why. As a transport method they are much cheaper and just as efficient as a bicycle. They also allow you to quickly get around urban settings such as towns and cities with great ease, avoiding vehicle traffic and packed public transport.

Electric scooters are fast becoming a staple transport method for the everyday commuter. As time goes on the infrastructure is being put in place to accommodate them in cities and towns. There are several European scooter companies looking to set up shop here in Ireland, with Dublin the first stop on the map. Dublin has been a great test bed for e-bike usage and has been a fantastic example this situation over the last number of years.

With recent news that legislation to regulate the use e-scooters will be introduced means that we are sure to see more on Irish roads in the coming years.


E-Scooter Infrastructure

As with e-bike rollouts there will now be an increase in the requirement for similar scooter infrastructure. Scooter racks will be fundamental for safer scooter storage and will give peace of mind to scooter owners.

Scooter racks will help to deter would-be thieves and will assist businesses, schools, colleges and local authorities to accommodate the increasing scooter numbers.

How will scooter racks work?

Scooter racks come in an easy-to-install bolt down format. Depending on the version you select will allow you to store different amounts of scooters.

The GHP Scooter Rack can allow  6-12 scooters to be stored at once. The rack can allow scooter handle widths up to 70mm in diameter. The clip pinching system provides excellent protection against theft and can be locked with most standard cable locks or padlocks.

These scooter racks will be ideal for public spaces and will certainly coincide with increasing scooter numbers here in Ireland. The bolt down format will allow for easy on-site installations and will help local authorities complete projects fast.