Social Distancing Signage To Promote Better Hygiene Standards

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During the Covid-19 pandemic it’s essential for businesses to promote good hygiene practise. This applies not only to customers visiting your premises – employees need to lead by example. In order to promote the right message signs are available to instantly get it across to nearby pedestrians.

Whether you need to direct customers to the nearest bathroom or you need to remind employees on the importance of cleanliness signs are available. Use social distancing signs to help in the fight against the pandemic and to quell possible new cases.

Social Distancing measures will certainly last well after Covid-19 cases have decreased – equip yourself now and be prepared for any instance.

Why use social distancing signage?

  • Maintain the correct 2 metre distancing with easy to read graphics
  • Encourage better hygiene to reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Draw attention to nearby bathrooms or hand sanitizing stations
  • Discourage entry to those who may be ill
  • Display easy to read pandemic guidelines

Where to display social distancing signs?

Display social distancing signs where they will be seen by pedestrians. It’s best to display these signs in reachable areas where they will able to direct or lead.

Depending on the sign it will be displayed where best suited.

Social distancing signs – floor graphics can be put at foot level to visually represent where pedestrians should stand

Hygiene signs –display at eyelevel on walls to direct to the nearest bathroom or hand sanitizer station

Information signs – install at entrances or exits where they can be easily read by pedestrians


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