Steel Storage Boxes - Save Money On The Construction Site

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If you’re a contractor or maintenance worker you’ll know how it feels – you’ve had a long hard day, you’ve packed your materials away on site and you’re ready to go home to enjoy an evening away from the workplace.  Cue the following morning – you arrive back into site, ready for another day of work and for some reason you can’t find your tools or equipment.  You know you left them right there, but they’ve simply vanished.  You don’t have them marked so you’re not sure if John Doe over there is using your tools without your permission or maybe worse, they were stolen.

It’s a frustrating experience to say the least. Tools and equipment can be a costly affair, and I think most people would agree that they would not like to purchase the same tools over and over again. However, here at Pittman we have a solution for you.  Contractors and maintenance workers – this one is for you.

No More Missing Tools

Steel storage boxes provide an excellent means of storing tools and equipment on building sites or in work vans.  With the Armorgard range you get some of the best storage box options in the market. Ideal for keeping your tools safe and protected, these steel storage boxes are sure to provide you with long lasting protection for precious equipment.

Each of the steel storage boxes is made from tough steel, so would-be tool thieves would not get into them in a hurry. In terms of protection each box is fitted with a 5-lever deadlock and comes with unique keys to provide access to the items inside when needed. For multiple unit purchases we can of course key the boxes alike if required.

What’s more, some of the storage boxes, like the Strongbank Steel Storage Box, can be bolted down down into the likes of vans for permanent transport wherever your work may take you. For site storage the same item comes in a site box version – the main difference is that the site boxes come with forklift skids attached to the underside allowing for transport by forklifts or onto trucks where needed.

The Best Bit

With protection like this for your tools order is restored – you can have peace of mind at your workplace or indeed in your work vehicle knowing that your equipment is safely locked away, thus saving you money on expensive tool replacements.

For more information on our steel storage boxes range contact us on 01 531 2777 – we look forward to hearing from you.