Swimming Pool Mats - Happy Feet for your Customers

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Swimming Pool Mats Swimming Pool Mats ensure happy feet for your customers

Why swimming pool mats?

Looking after your customer’s feet is essential in all leisure areas including swimming pools, shower and changing rooms. Communal sports and leisure environments are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that spread infection.

Several health cases of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) contracted in changing rooms has resulted in a lot more attention being paid to hygiene in public swimming pools and changing areas.

Hygienic matting is a key component in the prevention and spreading of infections such as athletes foot, rashes, odours and other skin infections. Why not try our heavy duty, 12mm thick, Swimming Pool Mat - Akwadek with UV resistant, antibacterial PVC grid.

Why anti-slip matting?

One of the most common causes of swimming pool accidents is slips and falls. The cold, wet, slippery floors and tiles are a high risk slip hazard. The use of soaps, shampoo’s and lotions in changing and locker rooms compounds the problem. The anti-slip surface offers grip for slip prevention and sure footing, while still being extremely comfortable on bare feet.

Our range of swimming pool mats are specially designed with an open structure to allow for the easy drainage of water, shampoo and soap. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

The open grid allows for easy drainage of water while the raised structure provides aeration for easy drying. The mats are manufactured from PVC or Polyethylene which is resistant to oils from shampoo, soaps and chlorines often found in leisure and pool areas. Choose our 5.3mm thick, Shower Runner Anti-Slip Mat – Gripwalker Lite for the ultimate in slip resistance for pool side matting and for shower and changing room areas.

swimming pool mats swimming pool mats - selection of 3 for anti-slip

Swimming Pool Matting Tip…….

Anti-slip materials do not last forever and can become clogged due to an accumulation of microscopic residual build up from oils and grease. To ensure effective anti-slip coating properties are maintained, especially around swimming pools, mats need to be checked and replaced. Our Soft Step Anti-slip Swimming Pool Mat offers high levels of comfort on bare feet and is also ideal for the use in saunas.

Do you own a gym?

We have the perfect solution to protect your gym floor and gym equipment while the non-slip surface ensures sure footing and the full freedom of movement for gym users and gymnasts. Manufactured from high quality, virtually indestructible 100% natural rubber that absorbs shocks from weights and equipment, thus reducing the costs of floor repairs and equipment replacements.

Matting Solutions to Protect Gym Floors and Equipment

Choose the modular matting system, our Slabmat Modular Protective Matting, which allows for custom sizes in any direction or shape, covering large flooring or smaller work-out areas. The 91cm x 91cm interlocking tiles are easy to install, simply click into place.

Alternatively, order our indestructible rubber loose lay mat, the Slabmat Protective Mat,  120cm x 180cm, no installation required.