The convex mirror – see more, worry less

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Nowadays in Ireland there are more vehicles on the road than ever – we have seen an upturn in our markets to the point that more and more people can afford to drive cars and keep them on the road.  While this is excellent in terms of our ever-growing economy we cannot ignore the obvious – there are now also more and more accidents on our roads than ever before.

Almost every day there are accidents in both urban and rural areas, not to mention private premises such as business premises and warehouse type environments involving forklifts and HGVS.

With this in mind you can never take too many precautions when it comes to vehicles.  Here at Pittman, we have just the product to help.


The convex mirror – what does it do?


The Convex Mirror is a simple, yet highly effective product that can assist vehicle users as well as pedestrians when it comes to seeing oncoming vehicles.  In places such as rural roads or bends where visibility is quite low the convex mirror can be used to let you know where vehicles are coming from.  If you live in a rural area where you may have frequent traffic coming past your house or premises the convex mirror can be installed on the opposite side of the road to allow you to see oncoming vehicles, helping to reduce accidents. The convex part of the mirror refers to the curve on the mirror, which allows a slightly longer viewing distance than a standard flat surface mirror.

Use a convex mirror to see cars coming around a sharp bend or corner


Need to see in two opposite directions?  Then you may need a second mirror.  While the convex mirror offers great visibility, it is suitable for seeing in one direction only – having it pointed too much in one direction would mean you would not be able to see in the other.

What kind of convex mirror do I need?

There are many kinds of convex mirrors that are available to choose from, each type providing different uses for multiple types of environments. Here at Pittman we have a fantastic range and we are sure to have the convex mirror for you.

Indoor Convex Mirror

While accidents are happening on our roads it is no secret that the same can happen in our warehouse, factories and private premises.  Indoor convex mirrors are perfect for installing directly to walls or surfaces that can help drivers or pedestrians to see oncoming trucks, forklifts or machinery as well as helping the drivers to see nearby structure that may not be in full view.

Interior convex mirrors are perfect for keeping an eye on customers in shop fronts.....
.... or to observe important machinery or forklift activity in a warehouse


What’s more, installing a convex mirror inside a shop front or above a counter can help to combat petty theft.  Having the convex mirror installed while you have your back turned allows you to keep an eye on customers in your shop with the addition of it being incredibly subtle.  Available in different sizes, the SeeClear Interior Convex Mirror is a top choice here at Pittman – it can be quickly and easily installed directly onto most flat surfaces.  Additionally, the wall mounting bracket is very flexible and can be pointed in different directions to ensure the best vision for you, with the acrylic mirror front providing an excellent field of view.


Outdoor Convex Mirror

When it comes to an outdoor convex mirror the SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror is a favourite among Pittman customers.  Quick and easy to install the SeeClear comes with fixings to mount directly to a standard 76mm pole or wall brackets to mount directly to a flat surface.  Again available in different sizes, the SeeClear convex mirror is fitted with an acrylic mirror front that provides great vision for your area.  A popular choice among rural customers, the SeeClear Roadside is ideal for installing outside a private property where greenery may obstruct your view.


The SeeClear Roadside Convex Mirror 600mm - Our best selling traffic mirror


Can I get a convex mirror that is better suited to urban areas?

If you need a mirror that is better suited to urban environments the SeeClear Steel Convex Mirror range is for you.  Instead of an acrylic mirror front (that is breakable) the SeeClear steel utilises a stainless steel mirror front that not only provides excellent vision but product that is

near indestructible.  Where thrown rocks and missiles would break a standard SeeClear Roadside, the SeeClear steel convex mirrors can take a lot of punishment, suitable for urban areas that may be prone to vandalism. To see the steel mirrors in action check out our YouTube video here to see how much punishment they can take.


Need more help on deciding what convex mirror you need? We’re more than happy to help! Call us on 01 531 277 or email us at for assistance – we look forward to hearing from you!