The HGV Kerb – A must for truck parking and wheel stop solutions

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Truck Parking Block 2000mm P-763653-20

Look around most businesses in Ireland today and you can see that business has picked up drastically across the board, with some sectors being busier now than they have ever been.  One such sector that this has affected on a large scale is the freight and transport industry. When other businesses need their products and merchandise to get from A to B it’s the transport companies that step in – providing trucks and HGVs to get our much-needed goods to our customers on time.

Obviously with an increase in business there is an increase in the amount of transport required, meaning that warehouses, freight depots and truck parking bays are busier than ever.



Health and Safety in warehouses and freight depots

Even at busy times like these health and safety are paramount, especially when it comes to trucks and heavy goods vehicles.  With increased traffic in warehouses and depots it’s important to ensure each place is fitted with all the equipment required to provide safe and reliable access for trucks and HGVs, considering that there will also be pedestrian traffic and valuable assets in the vicinity.


The HGV Kerb as a truck parking solution



The HGV Kerb is an excellent solution to HGV and truck safety in warehouses and freight depots.  Available in a number of different materials or designs, the HGV Kerb is perfect for creating places for trucks to stop and helps to prevent accidents and mishaps in a busy environment.  The kerb allows truck drivers to park right up against the parking kerb and prevents them moving further, preventing important nearby assets and pedestrians from being hit as well as other nearby trucks.



TruckWheelStop.jpg The HGV Kerb in use at our warehouse in Athy



Pittman’s Choice – The Truck Parking Block 2000mm

With plates for bolting them down directly onto concrete, a popular choice of HGV kerb is the Truck Parking Block 2000mm.  It can be quickly and easily installed into most warehouses, having an instant impact on active trucks in the area.  The highly durable rubber design allows them to neatly receive the wheels of most standard large trucks, helping to stop them at the right time and place.  Available in a variety of sizes, the HGV Kerb can also be equipped with highly visible reflective strips, allowing them to be seen in poor lighting conditions or dark areas when headlights are in use.


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