What Are GDPR Compliant Signs?

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GDPR compliancy has hit a lot of the headlines recently – these scary new rules have a lot of business owners and employees on edge about what to do and how to cope with these new regulations that have been brought in to protect the regular, everyday citizen and their personal information.

One such area that may affect you if you have a business premises is the use of CCTV.  With heavy fines looming for those who don’t abide by the rules we have a few tips for GDPR CCTV signage and how they will help keep you on the right track.


What is the law and what signs do I need to abide by it?

To put it simply, the old regulations made it that you were required to display CCTV signage where CCTV was in use - this is so that the installer of the cameras could justify as to why they were in place.  In most cases CCTV acts as a deterrent to theft by providing security and peace of mind for a given premises, which would be sufficient for most instances.

Now, however, GDPR means that not only do you have to justify the installation of a CCTV system – you now have to confirm

  • What images or data will be captured
  • Why you are recording this information or data
  • Who is in charge of monitoring and collecting the data and why it will be stored
  • How they can contact this person to enquire about their data should they wish to see it

GDPR Compliant Sign

As you can see by this sign example the consumer or visitor is being made fully aware of the use of CCTV while they are on the premises and what is being captured – it’s crucial that if images and audio files are being recorded it must be mentioned on the signage. Each person has the full right to know that their image is being captured and for what reason.  Additionally, you can also see that the blank spaces provided allows the person or organisation responsible to insert their details so that visitors or customers can freely contact them in case they need access to their data that has been captured, as is their right. Note that storage of personal data must also be justified.


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