Why Do I Need A Bike Shelter?

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Bike Shelter

We all know how erratic the weather in Ireland can truly be.  One minute the sun is splitting stones, the next there is an almighty downpour that shows no sign of relenting any time soon. Even more recently we have had snowstorms that have enveloped the entire country, playing havoc with commuters including employees and students alike.

When this bad weather hits it is so important to keep our assets protected from the elements, especially our dear old bicycles. Bicycles have become so important over the last number of years, with so many companies engaging with the now well-known Bike to Work schemes.  What’s more many schools and colleges are encouraging students to bike to school in order to promote health and wellbeing.

With the Bike to Work schemes employers are helping to reduce the use of cars on the roads and helping to cut down carbon emissions by investing in a bike for their employee.  But, with all this terrible weather, it’s common sense that you would also want to protect your investment, I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Protect the Investment

You need a bike shelter on your premises for several reasons.  Installing one can be an excellent investment for your business, school or college premises just to name a few.  Bike shelters not only help with bike storage solutions in areas like this, they are key to protecting bikes from harsh weather and the elements where bikes are being stored outdoors.

Our Dublin Bike Shelter is a perfect example – this Irish made bike shelter can be installed quickly and easily onto your premises and provides protection for up to 10 bikes at a time. The Dublin Bike Shelter is made from tough galvanised steel and comes with polycarbonate sheeting for the rear and sides of the shelter itself.  Once installed the bike shelter can provide excellent protection to bikes while they are being stored, covering them from precipitation.  Protecting bikes can help to protect the investment, whether it be in the form of Bike to Work schemes for employees of your company or protecting student property for your school or college.

The Best Bit

The Dublin Bike Shelter is available flat-packed ready for quick self-install onto site, with delivery in just a few working days.  Everything you need to install the bike shelter comes with delivery, including all frames, bolts and of course the polycarbonate sheeting.


For more information on our Dublin Bike Shelter feel free to call us on 01 531 2111.