Winter Is Coming - 5 Pittman Products To Get Your Business Winter Ready Today

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With Storm Lorenzo hitting the headlines over the last week or so it’s a reminder that the harsh Winter weather will be upon us before we know it. With Winter rolling around fast it’s always good to be prepared for the worst, especially in a business capacity.

Here at Pittman we always have the best products available to help you combat the Winter months – remember, it’s never too early to prepare. Making preparations now will save you time and money later.

To help you get started we have 5 products that will help you be Winter ready today – all available directly from stock here at Pittman.

  • De-icing Granular Salt – by putting down salt ahead of expected frost or snowfall you can help to keep paths and roads clear. If snow or frost has already struck it’s already too late to put down salt – remember to always put it down BEFORE bad weather hits for best results. Where brown de-icing salt can leave a residue on surfaces our white de-icing salt leaves little to no residue, leaving you with little clean-up once weather clears. Order a bulk pallet of 49 bags for fast delivery from stock.


  • De-icing Salt/Grit Bin – the salt and grit bins are ideal for storing large of amounts of grit in an area. Each grit bin is made from a medium density polyethylene, perfect for hard-wearing environments. The bins themselves hold up to 9 bags of our salt and have been widely used around the likes of schools, train stations, business premises and more. Having the ability to store grit and salt at the source of weather problems reduces transport and logistic needs in your area.


  • Snow shovel – if snow falls our Pittman Snow Shovel is a handy tool to have at your disposal. The highly durable scoop on the shovel allow you to clear paths fast and is perfect for Winter weather preparation and indeed handy to have all year round for leaves, rubbish and more.


  • GHP Rubber Mat – our ever-popular rubber mat has proved to be a fantastic addition at many locations including schools, business premises and more. The robust rubber mats provide grip and stability for pedestrians entering a building and help to reduce slips and trips indoors as well as outdoors. Removing dirt and debris from shoes allows you to keep your interior areas clean and also helps to reduce slips. If you are looking for high quality entrance matting our Guzzler Door Mat helps to stop moisture and dirt at the source to keep your premises dry.


  • Slippery Surface Sign – the slippery surface signs prop up easily on solid ground and helps to give your customer or employees warning before they come through the area. The dibond (aluminium composite) signs sit into the folding stanchion for easy deployment to site. When not in use they can be folding and put away for easy storage until needed again.