Help prevent workplace slips and trips

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Cable Protection Ramps Help prevent workplace slips and trips

People often think of a slip or trip as inherently funny, but slips and trips at work are no laughing matter. Slips, trips and falls are the second highest single cause of workplace injuries in Ireland, with five people hurt every working day in the workplace. Tragically 2 people died as a result of an accident at work in 2015 while every single day an employee is so badly injured they miss over a month at work. And, not only do slips and trips cause distress and absenteeism, they also leave businesses open to the prospect of costly litigation. Nearly 50% of claims made against retailers are slips, trips and falls cases, according to Retail Ireland.

Trailing cables behind a significant number of slips and trips

Cable_Tidy Cable Tidy Covering Cables in an Office

Uncovered cables on in offices are behind a significant number of the more than 1400 annually reported slip and trip occurrences. Trailing cables can also present a severe trip hazard in factories and workshops, on shop floors and across walkways, cables originating from computers, phones, printers and from many other types of workplace equipment.

It’s essential to get behind good housekeeping when it comes to cables. Keeping aisles and walkways safe for the movement of people, products and materials is often a Health & Safety requirement too especially at construction sites and in parking areas where poor cable management in work areas creates both a tripping and slipping hazard.

Use cable ramp protectors to safeguard employees

In order to safeguard your premises and reduce the risk of slips and trips in your workplace there are numerous practical solutions you can take, with cable protection ramps being a prime example. Cable protection ramps are ideal for helping to prevent people from tripping, whilst protecting cables, hoses and wires from impact. Cable protectors can be used either on a temporary or permanent basis. The GHP Cable Tidy is ideal for use in factory or office environments, offering good cable protection and allowing trolleys and carts to pass over seamlessly. They feature a non-slip surface to prevent incidences of slipping as well as tripping.

Cable protection ramps also keep cables and hoses free from vehicular damage

Cable protection ramps are ideal for where cables, wires and pipes are present at walkways or in driving areas, their high visibility meaning they themselves don’t present a trip hazard. In areas where there is heavy traffic the sturdy HR2 Hose Ramp is the ideal solution for keeping cables and hoses safe from damage by heavy vehicles.

HR2 Hose Protection Ramp HR2 Hose Protection Ramp

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