Zicla® Street Furniture Range to Help Create Safer Cyclist and Pedestrian Infrastructure for Irish roads

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2021 has seen a huge increase in the requirement for traffic lane segregation on Irish roads. With a sharp rise in the amount of cyclists on roads the government have recently set out a budget of more than €240 million to be spent on cycling and pedestrian infrastructure over the coming months. The infrastructure aims to create safer cycle lanes while effectively segregating them from regular vehicle traffic.

The Zicla range of lane separators has been created with cyclists in mind. The high quality products have already seen great success in segregating cyclists and motorists on busy roadways across the world. Zicla systems have been installed in Europe, North America and South America to date – over 295 cities worldwide have adopted the range onto public roads.

As Irish cycleways undergo transformations over the coming months and years the Zicla range can help to create these safer cycle lanes at a low impact to the environment.

The Zicla Range

The Zebra® family of lane separators are some of the most popular cycle lane products on the market. The high quality range helps to boost cyclist safety while separating them from vehicle traffic. Made from 100% recycled plastic the separators have a minimal impact to the environment.

Zebra® Zero Bicycle Lane Separator

The lane separators offer excellent delineation to roadways. The individual units can be bolted down to highlight cycle lanes and to reduce the risk of impact between cyclists and motorists.

  • Adapts to any kind of road surface – easy installation on site
  • Highly resistant to impact from vehicles
  • The separators surface is almost 40% retroreflective – easily seen day or night
  • Suitable for various configurations or formats

Zebra Cycle Lane Separator

Zebra® Planter Cycle Lane Separator

The Zebra Planter provides excellent delineation for roadways while doubling as a means of decoration. The units can be filled with flowers and plants to bring another level to urban style. They are ideal for pedestrian walkways and plazas as well as cycle lanes.

  • Fitted with 10no. white retroreflective strips around the unit
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Water tank can hold up to 7 litres of water
  • Stackable design – easy to transport or to double up on site

Zebra® Zipper Zero Traffic Lane Separator

The Zipper System can be used to transform urban space quickly. The modular wedge design allows custom systems to be built fast. The Zipper aims to greatly reduce the risk of cars invading the cycle lane space. Create continuous lanes easily or use to create roundabouts or to deter access.

  • Highly adaptable to road surfaces
  • Almost 50% reflective product surface – ideal for day and night use
  • Modular design allows for fast and easy custom systems
  • Heavily resistant to impact – reduces risk of vehicle invading on cycle lane

Zipper traffic lane separator

The Zebra® and Zipper® range from Zicla® can help to transform streetscapes and to create safer cycling infrastructure for Irish roads. Contact our sales team today for more information on how we can help you on your next project.