Zicla® Vectorial System Installation Boosts Business for Local Merchants in MacCurtain Street, Cork City

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The recent installation of the Zicla® modular vectorial systems has already proven to be a hit with local merchants of MacCurtain Street in Cork City. The welcome change has seen these recycled modular systems installed on both sides of the street on this busy Cork street and has been lauded by local shop owners and pedestrians alike.

This project taken on by Cork City Council aims to increase pedestrian safety on MacCurtain Street while also providing more outdoor space for storefronts. The response thus far has seen both objectives being met to a high standard.

On 10th December we met with Mr. Tony Doonan of Traffic Management Installations, installer of the Vectorial systems. Tony, who led the project on the street, had high praise for the Vectorial Systems.

“The Zicla® Vectorial systems were very easy to install and have really helped transform MacCurtain Street. We’ve spoken with most of the shop owners on the street here and they are all very satisfied with how they are working physically and aesthetically. The Vectorial provides great grip for pedestrians and has created new business opportunities for the shops on the street. We are also amazed at how clean the platforms have remained since install, meaning less work and maintenance for us going forward”.

Vectorial System


What is the Zicla® Vectorial System?

The Zicla® Vectorial System is a modular platform made from recycled rubber. They are perfect for streetscapes and can assist public areas in a number of ways.

  • Increased safety for pedestrians – the systems provide better grip and stability. They reduce the risk of slipping in busy public areas. Additionally they can be used for bus platforms where the pedestrian can get on a bus in a safer manner.
  • Increased space for shopfronts – the increased space that the Vectorial provides can be used to set up stalls, seating areas, marquees and more, keeping retail and restaurants alive
  • Excellent for social distancing – the added space also boosts social distancing and provides a way for pedestrians to get around the city safely.

The Zicla® Vectorial sections come in a variety of colours and profiles and can be customized to meet the on-site requirement. They can also be equipped with ramp sections for allowing bicycles to pass over with ease.

Vectorial System Cork


How can the Zicla Vectorial System increase business?

The Vectorial system can be used to expand path space for businesses. As seen with MacCurtain Street shop owners can set up marquees, outdoor seating and more which can present excellent business opportunities.

One local shop owner, Mr. Jim Kelsey, spoke of how the Vectorial has already helped increase business to his café, Crust.

“The new Vectorial footpath system has really helped boost my business, especially after the reopening after the lockdown. It’s great for outdoor dining – I’ve been able to set up a marquee and seating outside for patrons to enjoy a coffee and a sandwich outdoors. I walked out onto the footpath system in a flat sole show to try it out, needless to say it provided excellent grip! Once the better weather comes I’m sure more of the shops on the street here will be using the extra space that the Vectorial provides.”

Phase 2 of the project will begin early 2021. On this Mr. Tony Doonan said “phase 2 will see the insertion of planters on the ends of the Vectorial footpaths. Come Spring the area will look even better and more lively with more shop owners taking advantage of the space"

Zicla Vectorial System Cork


The MacCurtain Street install joins another Pittman Vectorial project also completed this year. The Vectorial System has also seen great success at Carysfort Road, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.


For more information on the Zicla® Vectorial footpath system get in touch with our sales team on 01 531 2777 or email [email protected]


Zicla Vectorial System MacCurtain St. Cork