Bolt Down Bollard

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27 Item(s)

Bolt Down Bollard

A bolt down bollard can help with delineating vehicle traffic. The bolt down feature of the bollards allow for quick installation. Use a bolt down bollard for semi-permanent installation. If no longer required or site changes are taking place the bollards can be removed easily. 

What is a bolt down bollard?

A bolt down bollard is a post that is fixed to the surface. The bollards are bolted down via an integral plate on the bottom of the post itself. The plate usually comes with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation. 

Why use a bolt down bollard?

Use a bolt down bollard for a less expensive installation option. Bolt down bollards only need to be bolted to the surface. Because of this there are no expensive excavations or additional sockets required for install. 

how to install a bolt down bollard?

How to install a bolt down bollard?

  • Place the bolt down bollard onto the area needed
  • Mark the pre-drilled holes while the bollard is in place
  • Remove the bollard and drill the holes as required
  • Put the bollard back in place and tighten screws/fixings into place

How to use a bolt down bollard?

A bolt down bollard can come in a variety of formats

  • Fold down bolt down bollard - deter and allow entry when required
  • Flexible bolt down bollard - delineation for for highway/off-higway
  • Fixed bolt down bollard - traffic delineation for warehosue, car parks and more

The Stainless Steel Bollard can be bolted directly into the surface. The stainless steel finish provides an excellent finish for projects. The design allows for an inexpensive means for high quality bollards to be installed easier on site. Each bollard is equipped with an integral base plate for fast installation. 

For a flexible option the Flexbrite Flexi Bollard is ideal for public areas. The flexible design allows for impact to occur from vehicles, even after bolting down. 

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