Fixed Bollards

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19 Item(s)

Fixed Bollards

Fixed Bollards can provide a a multitude of purposes upon installation. Use fixed bollards as a more permanent solution to traffic control on your premises. Once installed they will provide years of excellent service. 

Why use fixed bollards?

Use fixed bollards to - 

  • Control the flow of traffic on a permanent basis
  • Provide a professional finish to outdoor premises
  • Create long-lasting queue systems for pedestrians
  • Deny entry to particular areas

A popular fixed bollard option is the Henley Fixed Bollard. This post is made with hot-dip galvansied steel with excellent resistance against rusting. To install simply concrete into the ground. The ball top provides a professional finish for all areas. Chain eyes can also be attached to the Henley to span barrier systems over larger areas. 

The Henley Fixed Bollard has been installed at housing estates, business premises, public spaces and more.

why use fixed bollards?

How to install fixed bollards?

Fixed bollards are usually installed by bolting down or concreting in. Depending on the bollard you can have a semi-permanent or permanent bollard option. Concrete-in bollards can also be used in conjunction with retention sockets for easier removal for future excavations.

The Street Ornamental Fixed Post comes with a bolt down or sub-surface option. The high quality post is again hot-dip galvanised for protection against rusting. The ornamental design fits in with many professional environments. The anthracite grey colour fits in with most modern settings.

Fixed bollards

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